HLA in the age of CRISPR

Since its debut in 2012, CRISPR-based gene editing has taken the scientific world by storm. From disease modeling to prenatal screening, the innovative platform has been hyped and hailed as the ultimate scientific multi-tool—capable of revolutionizing the treatment of human disease. In the flood of headlines and hyperbole, it can often be hard to determine…

Getting under the hood of Be The Match BioTherapies’ powerful search engine

One of the core components of our MatchSourceSM technology platform is a powerful, predictive search algorithm we call HapLogicSM. We sat down with Katie Howe, Ph.D., manager, Immunogenetic Operations and Research, and Caleb Kennedy, Ph.D., senior manager, Bioinformatics Research, to learn more about HapLogic and the important role search algorithms play in allogeneic drug development.