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Extending our expertise to next-generation cellular therapies

Erin Schubert, Patient Case Management

When patients’ lives are at the heart of what you do, experience matters.

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Be The Match BioTherapies® is built on the foundation established by our parent company, the National Marrow Donor Program/Be The Match, an organization with more than 30 years of experience in immunogenetics and bioinformatics, patient and donor coordination, cell sourcing and collection network management, end-to-end cell supply chain logistics and regulatory compliance.

During that time, the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP)/Be The Match® has provided services and expertise in the cellular therapy field by providing:

  • 86,000 blood and marrow transplants worldwide
  • 22,000 cell and blood shipments annually
  • 19 million potential donors in world’s largest registry
  • 220 currently active research studies
  • 545 partner centers in our global Network
  • 900 employees working to save lives

Now we’re helping organizations deliver new cellular therapies that save more lives and improve the quality of life for patients.

Examples include:

  • CAR-T cell therapies
  • Virus- or cancer-targeted vaccines
  • iPSC therapies
  • NK and NKT cell therapies

Extending our capabilities

Our expertise and experience in the hematopoietic cell transplantation field has allowed us to create unique capabilities and services that can now be extended to other cellular therapies in development today.

We leverage the proven cell delivery capabilities and relationships developed by NMDP/Be The Match.

Our cell therapy supply chain delivery for autologous or allogeneic therapies is an end-to-end solution enabled by high-touch, personalized case management and a robust, customizable technology platform.

Our experience in cell sourcing and collection allows us to provide cells consented for research, clinical or commercial use.

Therapy developers have access to clinical trial services through our research program the CIBMTR® (Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research®).

And, we have the infrastructure in place to collect, store and analyze patient samples post-cell or gene therapy treatment at the time points required by regulatory authorities.

Customizable solutions are available for every stage of cellular therapy development – from discovery through pre-clinical/clinical and commercialization.

Be The Match BioTherapies offers opportunities for those on the Be The Match Registry® to help patients in new ways.

Potential donors who are contacted will receive information on the opportunity and provide their full consent before participating.

Being a part of Be The Match BioTherapies will not exclude a registry member from being a donor for a patient in need of a blood or marrow transplant. Rather, it offers them another chance to help save a life.