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Allogeneic Cell Sourcing

Allogeneic Cell Sourcing

End-to-end service from healthy donor identification through high-quality collections and source material or allogeneic therapy delivery.

  • Offer a stable supply of healthy, screened donors (repeat donations possible if donor is willing) with understanding of donor characteristics most critical to the end product
  • Onboard and manage apheresis network specifically selected to collect for your therapy
  • Make donor outreach, including screening and testing for donor eligibility and obtaining full consent
  • Coordinate and schedule logistics with all stakeholders within the parameters you set up
Supply Chain Management

Autologous Supply Chain Management

Unique autologous cell therapy supply chain management model optimized for your product to meet your timelines and reduce your risk.

  • Support the full supply chain for every shipment of your autologous cell therapy
  • Coordinate, schedule and communicate with all stakeholders from collection through therapy delivery
  • Use 30+ years of experience managing a time-critical global cell therapy supply chain to troubleshoot issues when they arise
  • Leverage established infrastructure, processes and relationships for continued product delivery

Additional Services to Support Cell and Gene Therapy Development

Collection Network Onboarding

Collection Network Onboarding

  • Facilitate and streamline apheresis center onboarding
  • Assess infrastructure and ability to collect for your autologous cell therapy protocol
  • Conduct quality system audit
  • Develop and execute therapy-specific training
  • Conduct mock shipment prior to first collection
  • Provide first collection support

Collection Network Management

  • Monitor compliance with autologous therapy protocol
  • Provide ongoing collection support to apheresis centers
  • Provide refresher training
  • Conduct an audit every two years
  • Assist in researching quality concerns
  • Track KPIs
Quality System Audit Program

Quality System Audit Program

  • Activates collection sites faster through licensing of quality system audit results
  • Provides a comprehensive view of the center’s quality system
  • Measures compliance with GTP and GMP (as GMP applies to apheresis sites and cell therapy labs)
Outcomes Tracking

Outcomes Data Collection and Analysis

  • Leverages CIBMTR® industry-leading outcomes registry for autologous and allogeneic cell therapies
  • Meets regulatory requirements for long-term tracking of commercial cell and gene therapies
  • Includes training clinical sites on reporting data for outcomes tracking


  • HLA population modeling for allogeneic cell bank buildout
  • Best practices in clinical trial setup
  • Advice on HLA characteristics to keep in mind
  • Additional unique capabilities developed by managing the cell therapy supply chain and clinical research

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