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Caleb Kennedy, PhD, Bioinformatics Research

Acquiring donor cells consented for research, clinical or commercial use isn’t easy. We have the expertise and regulatory insight to acquire those consented cells for you.

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Through the Be The Match Registry®, we have access to nearly 16 million U.S.-based potential donors and 225,000 umbilical cord blood units with both rare and common haplotypes. Our Bioinformatics and Immunogenetics team can filter and optimize specific criteria to help you identify the right source to provide consented cells for your research, clinical or commercial requirements.

Partnering with Be The Match BioTherapies®

We help you manage your operational processes, including identifying and consenting donors on the registry, cell collection and delivery. We also assist in your protocol design and development, recruitment materials and regulatory compliance, and guide you through the IRB process.

Our mission is to save lives through cellular therapy, and by extending our Registry and unique expertise to new and emerging cellular therapies, we can help save more lives and improve the quality of life for patients.

Cell Sourcing Solution

Our reliable allogeneic Cell Sourcing Solution offers:

  • Immunogenetics and Bioinformatics Support: Provide unique knowledge in customized algorithm development, registry access and analysis, genetic markers and histocompatibility to identify the most compatible cell sources for your therapy
  • Regulatory Compliance Expertise: Ensure compliance with necessary regulatory standards
  • Diverse Source Material Access: Manage the largest and most diverse donor registry in the world and provide a variety of cell types, including bone marrow, PBMC (mobilized) and whole blood
  • Personalized Donor Case Management: Contact potential donors to explain the opportunity and facilitate full consent for research, clinical and/or commercial development, and manage operational processes including donor work up, cell collection and delivery

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Be The Match BioTherapies can help you successfully develop and deliver your cellular therapy.

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