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Your cellular starting material or manufactured therapy needs to arrive on time, every time. But orchestrating cell therapy logistics and delivery is complex. That complexity — and your risk — only grows as your cell therapy operations scale from early clinical trials.

With life-critical shipments, you can’t afford a delay or oversight that impacts your therapy development or, most importantly, a patient’s second chance at life.

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Be The Match BioTherapies team members share how we proactively mitigate barriers for our clients to make sure their products arrive when, where and in the condition they’re needed.

That’s why Be The Match BioTherapies® partners with cell and gene therapy companies. We offer them the experience and infrastructure we’ve developed over more than 30 years of managing complex cell therapy logistics.

Our teams have managed the successful delivery of more than 108,000 time-critical cell therapies around the world. We’ve used the lessons learned over time to build tools and processes for our clients that allow us to manage the variability inherent to cell and gene therapy supply chains.

We’ve learned what works — and what doesn’t — so you don’t have to.

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Mitigate supply chain disruptions with managed logistics

Even with a well-designed logistics plan, cell therapy supply chain disruptions will happen. It’s not a matter of if, but when. That’s why our managed logistics program — with our Cell Therapy Supply Chain Managers at its core — is the heart of our Cell Therapy Supply Chain solution.

Our more than 60-person team builds contingencies into the supply chain for common issues. For example, case delays, rescheduling or weather delays.

But our experience also allows us to successfully overcome major unexpected challenges — such as 9/11 and, most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic — to continue to deliver cell therapies to patients in need.

When Be The Match BioTherapies manages your cell therapy supply chain, you’ll be on a first-name basis with your Cell Therapy Supply Chain Manager. This person services as the single point of contact for your company and all stakeholders from start to finish.

They see the whole picture of every cell therapy order, including tracking and verifying chain of custody and chain of identity. This allows them to manage all aspects of scheduling collection and delivery with multiple stakeholders. A Cell Therapy Supply Chain Manager is available 24/7 at Be The Match BioTherapies. They’re ready to answer your call, manage issues and provide recommended solutions to meet all stakeholder needs.

They work closely with our Logistics Coordinators. They are behind the scenes scheduling all legs of transport with the logistics providers that best fit your needs. Our Logistics Coordinators keep a close eye on your product to make sure it is safely delivered in the requested time frame.

Our team works in concert to provide reliable, regulatory-compliant transport and delivery. Every team member is working to make sure each cell therapy product is delivered:

  • Where it needs to go
  • With the proper documentation in place
  • When it is expected to get there
  • In the condition and temperature necessary

Our experience has demonstrated that, even when we’re not facing major challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, managing the cell therapy supply chain requires skill that can only be developed over time.

That’s why you need a partner with the infrastructure, processes and relationships in place to reroute, problem solve and deliver.

“The Cell Therapy Supply Chain Manager is the one-stop shop for our clients. We always have been and always will be. They can ask questions, escalate issues, send along requests and receive information from us.”

Erin King, Cell Therapy Supply Chain Manager, Be The Match BioTherapies

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Leverage established relationships to overcome supply chain challenges

Be The Match BioTherapies is not a logistics provider. Instead, we offer a managed logistics model. This approach benefits you in a number of ways.

Our managed logistics model means we are vendor agnostic. This means we have relationships with many logistics providers — such as World Courier, Cryoport and Quick Courier. Our team selects the provider that is the right fit for each product transport leg and provides the best itinerary possible. Sometimes this means using a combination of logistics providers to overcome a shipping challenge.

We know which commercial couriers are best for different shipping lanes, which allows us to balance risk and cost accordingly.

“We know how important time is for these therapies. If we see a pickup didn’t occur when it was supposed to, we’re on the phone immediately to find out what is happening. We don’t wait until the product misses a flight. We make sure it will be on the scheduled flight. And if not, we immediately start looking for a new option.”

Alysia Maxwell, Logistics Coordinator, Be The Match BioTherapies

Large shipment volume means priority loading and onsite representatives

Be The Match BioTherapies is part of the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP)/Be The Match®. Our organization ships more than 6,500 time-sensitive cell therapies a year. Because of this volume, commercial couriers provide us with a level of service and loading priority that is not available to individual vendors.

Representatives from travel agencies and logistics vendors — including CWT Travel, World Courier and others — are onsite in our facility providing support. We have direct access to senior-level representatives at commercial courier companies. The representatives are on-call 24/7 to assist with any issues that arise.

Experienced emergency response and preparedness team allows for continued product delivery

Our team knows how to mobilize in times of crisis. We quickly develop contingency plans to continue delivering time-critical products for patients. The COVID-19 pandemic is a case in point.

Throughout the pandemic, our team members have continued to successfully deliver life-saving cell therapies globally every day. They’ve done so despite major travel challenges.

When international borders closed, our strong government relationships allowed us to obtain a CDC waiver. The waiver allows foreign nationals to deliver cell therapy products into the United States. With nearly 60% of our products crossing international borders, the waiver was critical to our operations.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team overcomes obstacles every day that, to some, would seem insurmountable. For example, for just one cell therapy, the travel itinerary changed 22 times. This was largely due to flight disruptions and border entry restrictions. The product was still delivered to a waiting patient on time.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the careful oversight of our Cell Therapy Supply Chain Managers and Managed Logistics team members.

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Global customs relationships to successfully manage border crossings

Our cell therapy shipments cross international borders every day. In fact, approximately 60% of the transports we manage have an international component. Ensuring the correct import and export documentation is in place is key to making these crossings smooth.

Our experience working with customs brokers throughout the world means we can proactively navigate the requirements at each border.

This illustration provides you with a glimpse of a typical week managing a high volume of shipments. Many of the shipments cross international borders.

Illustration of a glimpse of a typical week managing a high volume of cell therapy shipments, many of which cross international borders.

A collaborative approach to troubleshooting

When unexpected disruptions happen, our Cell Therapy Supply Chain Managers know when to escalate issues to you. We work with all impacted stakeholders to problem-solve and optimize itineraries to ensure the new itinerary meets your needs.

Our team understands patients’ lives depend on meeting time-sensitive treatment schedules. Every day, shipments go exactly as planned. But when issues arise, established relationships, collaboration and proactive communication are key to overcoming those challenges.

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Learn about our Cell Therapy Supply Chain Management clients

Be The Match BioTherapies supports the cell therapy supply chain for many companies, including:

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There is no doubt the cell therapy supply chain is complex. But you don’t have to navigate the complexities of human-based therapy logistics alone. We’re ready to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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