Along with gaining insights into how to tap into the expertise of cord blood banks and access therapy-matched cord blood units (CBUs), you’ll get a better understanding of:

  • Comprehensive benefits of cord blood as an allogeneic cell source for cellular therapy
  • Characteristics and attributes of the existing cord blood inventory
  • Importance of managing logistics for delivery of CBUs from the bank to the cell therapy developer
  • Alternative banking and attribute models that may be needed in the future to support novel therapies 


Heather Stefanski, MD, PhD
Vice President of Medical Services
National Marrow Donor Program ®/Be The Match®

Marcie Finney, MBA 
Executive Director
Cleveland Cord Blood Center

Christina Melief, PhD
Senior Scientific Program Advisor
National Marrow Donor Program ®/Be The Match®

Ana Valverde, MBA
Administrative Director
Carolinas Cord Blood Bank