Cell Delivery and Logistics Management

Supply chain expertise proven through the successful delivery of more than 100,000 cell therapies

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Trust industry-leading experience to ensure your starting material or manufactured therapy arrives on time, every time

When patients’ lives depend on the successful delivery of cell or gene therapies, a partner with proven experience managing human-based therapies is critical.

Throughout the past 30 years of successfully delivering more than 100,000 cell therapies, we have established the global relationships, configurable software platform and dedicated case management team to deliver. Our team can ensure the successful delivery of your product within the continental United States in 24 hours or less, and the international delivery, force majeure, in 48 hours or less.

To date, our systems and processes have ensured 100% compliance in managing the chain of identity.

Our logistics management team creates and manages custom transportation and logistics solutions that ensure delivery of starting material or manufactured products, by:

  • Developing a customized supply chain and workflow, based on unique therapy requirements (e.g., cryo-preservation vs. fresh product)
  • Providing reliable and proven delivery of material from collection center, to manufacturer, to infusion center
  • Supplying shipment tracking and proactive communication through our therapy tracking software MatchSource®, including chain of identity using ISBT 128 labeling for each collection
  • Ensuring chain of compliance is followed, including testing for necessary FDA and international regulations, such as GDPR, NIST 800-53, Good Tissue Practice (GTP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Tracking chain of custody with visibility in real-time to the end-to-end supply chain
  • Troubleshooting unexpected disruptions to the supply chain, including declines in patient health or natural disasters, and determining contingency plans to ensure receipt of material