Effect of rapid cell therapy growth on collection capacity

The rapid growth of the cell and gene therapy industry is a positive for patients. However, it comes with increasing demand for high-quality cellular source material collected at apheresis centers. Managing collection capacity impacts from this growth requires understanding challenges from the perspective of the apheresis center and collaboration across the industry to develop solutions.

Creating scalable cell therapy collection processes

As a cell and gene therapy developer, your cell collection protocol requirements and specifications will impact your apheresis center network selection strategy and your ability to efficiently scale your processes. Any time your protocols or processes differ from those in place at a center, there are likely implications for training, forms and standard operating procedures (SOPs), which can delay your first collection.

6 considerations when evaluating cell sourcing vendors

Sourcing your starting material from high-quality, healthy donors matters when you are manufacturing an allogeneic cell therapy. Any misstep can mean delays in your allogeneic therapy’s development. That makes your choice of a cell sourcing vendor critically important. Our team has sourced and collected cells for time critical cell therapies from more than 100,000 volunteer…

Depiction of international autologous cell therapy logistics.

Overcoming autologous cell therapy logistics challenges in the age of COVID-19

There is no question the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted cell therapy logistics like never before. Supply chain challenges are no longer the exception, but the norm. So how can companies overcome autologous cell therapy logistics challenges to deliver time-sensitive source material and manufactured therapies on time? It’s not easy in our current environment, but it…

Representation of cell therapy production disruption due to COVID-19 pandemic

How COVID-19 is changing the production of cell therapies

This piece written by Joy Aho, PhD, Senior Product Manager, Be The Match BioTherapies®, was originally published on CellandGene.com in April 2020. We’re living through unprecedented times, both as individuals and as a nascent cell therapy field. The COVID-19 pandemic has had negative implications for manufacturing and shipping across nearly all industries, including very pronounced…

Representation of NMDP/Be The Match donor collection network

Managing donor collections during the COVID-19 pandemic

Even before COVID-19 reached pandemic levels, teams at the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP)/Be The Match® had their eye on an important part of the cell therapy supply chain—donor collections. Collections from allogeneic donors are critical to getting time-sensitive life-saving cell therapies to patients around the world. But donors often must fly to the apheresis…